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Embracing Evaluative Thinking for Better Outcomes – Four NGO case studies

Demand for and Supply of Evaluations in Selected Sub-Saharan African Countries

The Regional Centre for Learning on Evaluation and Results for Anglophone Africa(CLEAR-AA) conducted a study on demand and supply of evaluation/evaluative research in a selection of Sub-Saharan African countries for the UK Department for International Development (DFID). The purpose of the study was to lead to a better understanding of demand and supply factors in evaluation and evaluative research in these countries, to aid national stakeholders and those supporting them to better structure their assistance.

Inception Report DFID Study

Terms of Reference for DFID Study

Ethiopia Study

Ghana Study

Malawi Study

Zambia Study

Exploratory Case Studies

Centre for Learning on Evaluation and Results CLEAR (ed.), African Monitoring and Evaluation Systems: Exploratory Case Studies (Johannesburg: University of the Witwatersrand)

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A Growing Demand for Monitoring and Evaluation in Africa

by Stephen Porter, Ian Goldman

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African Thought Leaders Forum on Evaluation and Development: Expanding Thought Leadership in Africa – The Bellagio Centre 14th November – 17th November 2012

Embracing Evaluative Thinking for Better Outcome – Four NGO Case Studies.