Update: Ethiopian Evaluation Association

The Ethiopian Evaluation Association (EEvA) has conducted its seventh annual conference in Addis Ababa on 16 April 2016 with a theme of “Professionalizing Evaluation”. In the assembly a panel discussion on the the role of VOPEs in professionalizing Evaluation was presented and discussions held.

The 2016 activity report and the 2017 year plan of the Association was presented by the association president Mr. Berhanu Assefa. In his presentation, Mr. Berhanu has emphasized the need to work in professionalizing Evaluation in Ethiopia; that is why the association chose the theme of Professionalizing Evaluation as a main agenda of for the 2016 General Assembly theme of discussion.

In the panel discussion, the president of the association emphasized that in the course of professionalizing evaluation there is a need to advocate for more universities to open evaluation trainings, negotiating with government to have evaluation policy, developing evaluation standard guidelines, and continuous professional development for evaluators in Ethiopia.

He also highlighted that the association is working in close collaboration with the government of Ethiopia and had established relationships with the National Planning Commission of Ethiopia and there is also a plan to strengthen and extend this relationship with the FDRE House of Representatives (parliament).

The Ethiopian Evaluation association was established in 2008 by the support of UNICEF. In 2010 the association is registered and licensed by the FDRE Charities and Societies Agency as Ethiopian organization, currently the association has 125 paying members and more than 100 non-paying members.

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