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Zambia’s Experience Building Capacity for Evaluation

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On 3rd November 2015 Zambia joined the rest of the world in celebrating 2015 as a year of evaluation. The Zambia Monitoring and Evaluation (ZaMEA) was at the same occasion officially launched. Similar events have been held in other African countries. It seems sometimes like focus in Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) mostly arises when there […]

Meet the Ethiopian Evaluation Association’s Mr Berhanu

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Meet Mr Berhanu, President of the Ethiopian Evaluation Association (EEvA)…. As the president of this young but growing Association, Mr Berhanu is working hard to improve the credibility and quality of evaluation in Ethiopia. He believes that evaluation should be professionalised and to this end the Association is developing standards for evaluation in partnership with […]

The state of Monitoring and Evaluation in African universities: The focus and locus dilemma?

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Benon Basheka Email: [email protected] What skills do monitoring and evaluation (M&E) professionals need in African context and by implication what curriculum should universities offering M&E courses cover to impart these skills? Where should monitoring and evaluation courses be located within universities? These questions touch on the locus and focus dilemma that continues to bewilder African […]

Evidence in Africa

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As part of CLEAR-AA’s newly revamped website, we are launching “Evidence in Africa”, a blog which will provide an interactive dialogue platform for African M&E. As we get this discussion started, please take some time to look through our publications and upcoming events. You’ll be able to come to the CLEAR-AA blog for more information […]